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Absence of Mind

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Absence of Mind

Humanity is optional


Psychiatric nurse Phoebe Bernhardt loves her youngest brother with all her heart. When he becomes one of the first victims of a bizarre epidemic of paranoia and aggression, Phoebe will stop at nothing to save him. Searching for a cure will make her a helpless target of unseen forces who can seemingly take away everything she is and has.

In the face of death comes courage


Single mother Helen Dawson always wanted to be a hero. Now she’s about to get her chance – but only because she’s about to die. With forty-five days left to live, Helen sees this tragedy as a calling to turn her increasingly dystopian society upside down – but will she be defeated by forces worse than death?

"A utopian nightmare"


Gaylen is devastated when his wife leaves and takes their only child. But in a utopian society built on positive thinking, grief is not okay – and the government steps in to fix him. To fight for freedom of thought and emotion, he will have to go up against the calculating masterminds of his vicious society…



Marooned on a hostile planet, Miranda and her father, Prospero, so far have kept twenty-eight souls alive. But the colony is failing, and her father returned from the dark jungles changed, and mad, and with inexplicable power over the planet’s alien life. Can she end his vicious tyranny before the lights go out? This is a sci-fi retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Star’s Tempest is complete and novel-length. It is available to read by the episode on Amazon’s new Vella program.

About Me


H.C.H. Ritz is one of those writers who simply can’t help it – she is compelled to write. She likes to tell the story of how, in her early twenties, she tried to quit, but the idea of being a writer simply wouldn’t leave her alone.

Hilary spent ten years working as a web designer, but in 2012 she finished her first novel, The Lightbringers, and it became one of the first books acquired by indie publisher Grey Gecko Press. It was an exciting start to her writing career.

Now with two more books released through Grey Gecko Press, Hilary is a regular panelist at local literary and pop-culture conventions.

She finds inspiration in her father, who is also a writer, as well as a poet, singer, songwriter, and musician.

Hilary says: “What’s important to me in my writing is to talk about things that matter. I don’t think I could bring myself to write something that doesn’t feel significant to me. I’ve always been intrigued by topics such as the meaning of life and death, the gray areas in morality, politics, authenticity versus perfectionism, and, of course, love. But I’m also easily bored, which means I want lots of action, too. I love my books, and I hope that you will, as well!”

behind the story

Interview with the Author

From an extended interview by Josef Molnar. Why did you start writing? Writing has always pulled at me, and I wanted to be a writer since I was maybe eight years old. And I loved books. I read for hours every day as a child. I know that I loved my father’s writing and that he inspired me.

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Why I Wrote Absence of Mind

The concept for Absence of Mind came out of wishful thinking. I wished that I had my smartphone implanted directly in my brain for easier use. Imagine all the functionality of your smartphone, but with the screen being a heads-up display and all of the commands activated by eye movement or thought. And so the primary technology

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Why I Wrote The Lightbringers

The Lightbringers is a response to the movie and book The Secret, the Abraham-Hicks materials, positive thinking gurus like Bob Proctor and John Assaraf, and all other teachers of the Law of Attraction. The novel portrays a society called New America in which everyone, including the government, believes in the Law of Attraction and takes

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