H.C.H. Ritz

The Lightbringers

When perfection is mandatory, revolution is the only answer.

Gaylen is devastated when his wife leaves and takes their only child. But in a utopian society built on positive thinking, grief is not okay – and the government steps in to fix him.

Confronted with the dark truth of his seemingly perfectly world, Gaylen soon finds himself a reluctant member of the resistance. But his new role could cost him his life.

Even as the revolutionaries struggle to strike a powerful blow for freedom of thought – even as they are betrayed by the ruthless denizens of the underground and pursued by the murderous secret police – Gaylen still dreams of getting his family back.

But if he survives long enough to put the revolutionaries’ plan into motion, Gaylen will have to go up against the calculating masterminds of his vicious society…

The Lightbringers is a classic dystopian story and the debut novel by near-future science-fiction author H.C.H. Ritz. If you loved Brave New World1984, and Fahrenheit 451, you will love this captivating tale. Start the adventure today!

The Lightbringers is excellent. It is 1984
meets Divergent”

– Jacqueline Lademann, Selections from My Tower of Shame

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