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Why I Wrote The Lightbringers

The Lightbringers is a response to the movie and book The Secret, the Abraham-Hicks materials, positive thinking gurus like Bob Proctor and John Assaraf, and all other teachers of the Law of Attraction.

Chloe, a favorite character in the book
Chloe, a favorite character in the book

The novel portrays a society called New America in which everyone, including the government, believes in the Law of Attraction and takes it absolutely seriously, which leads to a dystopian world. In doing so, the story points out where the Law of Attraction goes (horribly) wrong.

[Gaylen] said nothing to Serena directly. Their earlier argument had reminded him of what President Martha taught—discussing problems only made them more concrete and attracted more of the same. All problems had to be ignored.

In New America, everything appears to be perfect in a society in which all negative emotions and thoughts must be suppressed, but there is also a secret underground where many citizens go to view banned entertainment and engage in criminal activity, indulging in their shadow sides (a reference to Jungian psychology).

The two extremes present two nonviable paths toward a meaningful life.

I began reading the work of psychologist and fellow Houstonian Brene Brown while working on my second draft of the book and soon recognized how neatly it lined up with my own conclusions about how, when perfection is impossible, authenticity is the only response that makes sense.  And so, the Lightbringers, a revolutionary group which attempts to strike a blow against the dominant culture and its government, present a third way—a middle path, to borrow a phrase from Buddhism

This book addresses morality on personal and cultural levels. What are the moral implications of the Law of Attraction? What are the moral implications of the philosophy of the Lightbringers? Gaylen Andrews, the protagonist of the story, ends up with a world-changing choice in his hands. Would you make the same choice if it were you?

I’m currently working on the sequel, which continues the story of the Lightbringers.

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